About E-light laser

Advanced non invasive anti-ageing treatments (and other laser treatments ) using the latest E-light Laser in our salon.

E-light Laser is a new generation of Laser equipment and includes three technologies that combined to deliver very effective treatments without sacrificing comfort ( IPL, Radiofrequency, Skin Cooling ).

IPL – is a special type of light, similar to the laser but with superior performance. The IPL uses a specially designed lamp to generate a source of high intensity light, through which a given filter changes its characteristics for different types of treatments.

Radiofrequency is a non invasive technique that raises the temperature of the deep layers of the skin, changing the structure of collagen and elastin to allow skin cells to regenerate.
-Radiofrequency complements IPL, expanding the treatment effects to deliver satisfying, longer lasting results.
This system is also safer because it is not affected by skin colour.

Skin Cooling.The laser machine has three levels cooling system, making the treatment safe and comfortable for the patient.

The E-light technology is also wonderful for rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, chest and arms.

I welcome you to experience these wonderful treatments!

Further information about our treatments

Skin Rejuvenation – very effective laser treatment and fantastic alternative to injections (new collagen produced after the treatment for smooth skin and younger appearance, wrinkles and fine lines reduced).

Laser Hair Removal (any part of the body)
E-light is the next step in the evolution of laser hair removal.
This technology increases the safety and effectiveness of treatments.

Pigmentation problems – sun spots, age spots, sun damage.
E-light acts on melanin, the pigment that gives colour , to fade it.

Red veins removal – redness usually associated with Acne Rosacea
can be successfully treated with E-light.

Acne treatments
E-light acts directly on the sebaceous glands, reducing acne effectively, this also will stimulate new collagen production to help to recover the treated area faster .